Jambo Gringo Slug

About Jambo Gringo

Jambo Gringo is a website full of incisive genius.

Jambo Gringo means Hello Foreigner in flycatcher language. A flycatcher is someone whose business is to sell foreign visitors things which they don't realise they don't want.

The website has this name because of its international outlook, observational incisiveness and sympathetic attitude to everyone in general.

One service the website provides is highly observant advice to the world on how to be a better world.

Another is updates on the perennial fight against the evil empire of slug. The evil empire of slug represents all those things which are yucky, moist and indolent. We do not like the evil empire of slug. We like onions.

Sometimes people ask us who Nigel is. We don't know either. However, his energy, positivity and drive mean that we know he is battling the evil empire of slug. Go Nigel!

Jambo Gringo

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